Social media use in professional firms

There’s probably no topic more likely to stir up debate among professional services marketers right now than social media – judging at least by the number of webinars, round table discussions and other events that we all seem to find ourselves invited to.

However, while there is no lack of social media ‘experts’ out in the market, all very keen to advise firms on how to maximise return on these new communication channels, it seems that there is a dearth of baseline information about how firms are actually using social media, and the benefits (and risks) that they are encountering.

I have created a ten-minute online questionnaire on the topic, looking at five key areas:

  • The perceived value of social media for professional firms
  • Objectives for engagement in social media
  • Current usage of social media (including data on specific platforms)
  • Return on investment in social media
  • Social media policy

The objective is to give firms an understanding of what their peers are up to in social media, and potentially to identify trends in usage that all of us will find useful in developing future plans.

If you would like to take part in the survey, please provide your details in the form below and I will  send you a link to the questionnaire. I will then analyse the results and circulate them to participants – also publishing highlights of the findings here and in various LinkedIn groups.

Please note that the suvey is aimed at end users of social media – i.e. professional firms themselves – rather than at social media consultants, trainers or other service providers.  That said, any comments or suggestions from members of the latter category would be warmly welcomed.

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