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Social media regulation: the shape of things to come?

On January 4th, the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (or ‘OCIE’) of the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a National Examination Risk Alert on Investment Adviser Use of Social Media. While the Alert in itself is of limited direct … Continue reading

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Market segmentation: implications for professional firms

In the professional services sector, the last ten or fifteen years have witnessed a dramatic rise in sectoral specialisation, as increasing numbers of firms have sought to differentiate themselves by means of three classic weapons from the marketing strategy arsenal … Continue reading

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Do you have a formal solution development process?

Professional services firms are full of clever people.  But sometimes the very characteristic that enables firms to serve the needs of their clients and generate competitive edge can lead to problems. In 1998, when management at Arthur Andersen decided that … Continue reading

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How do you avoid messaging conflicts?

One of the most common problems for marketers in professional firms is how to handle conflicts.  Not conflicts of interest, nor even conflicts with troublesome colleagues – although many would testify that those can be a headache, too – but … Continue reading

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Is your team structured for success?

Among a number of notable 30-year anniversaries in 2011 – from the introduction of the Sinclair ZX81 and the IBM PC to the Brixton riots, Botham’s Ashes and the wedding of Charles and Diana – it’s hardly likely that many … Continue reading

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Is your programme aligned to your objectives?

About ten years ago, a marketing director was engaged by a professional services firm to roll out a marketing programme.  The organisation was at a very early stage in its development, but it had already hired various star performers from … Continue reading

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Risk management – how do you eat yours?

Academics, company management teams and consultancy firms – in fact, especially consultancy firms – have been talking about Enterprise Risk Management for well over a decade now.  But implementation of ERM in large organisations is patchy to say the least, … Continue reading

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